RoadMap: Planned Features

CadQuery is not even close to finished!!!

Many features are planned for later versions. This page tracks them. If you find that you need features not listed here, let us know!


allows moving backwards a fixed number of parents in the chain, eg end(3) is same as end().end().end()
FreeCAD object wrappers
return CQ wrappers for FreeCAD shapes instead of the native FreeCAD objects.
Improved iteration tools for plugin developers
make it easier to iterate over points and wires for plugins

More parameter types (String? )

allow selecting the outerWire of a face, so that it can be used for reference geometry or offsets


Chained Selectors
Space delimited selectors should be unioned to allow multiple selections. For example “>Z >X”
Ad-hoc axes
for example, >(1,2,1) would select a face with normal in the 1,2,1 direction
logic inversion
! or not to invert logic, such as ”!(>Z)” to select faces _other_ than the most z facing
closest to point
support faces, points, or edges closest to a provided point
tagged entities
support tagging entities when they are created, so they can be selected later on using that tag. ideally, tags are propagated to features that are created from these features ( ie, an edge tagged with ‘foo’ that is later extruded into a face means that face would be tagged with ‘foo’ as well )


rotated workplanes
support creation of workplanes at an angle to another plane or face
workplane local rotations
rotate the coordinate system of a workplane by an angle.
make a workplane from a wire
useful to select outer wire and then operate from there, to allow offsets

2-d operations

offset profiles, including circles, rects, and other profiles.
create elipses and portions of elipses
regular polygons
several construction methods:
  • number of sides and side length
  • number of sides inscribed in circle
  • number of sides circumscribed by circle
arc construction using relative measures
instead of forcing use of absolute workplane coordinates
tangent arcs
after a line
centerpoint arcs
including portions of arcs as well as with end points specified
ability to use construction geometry to trim other entities
construction lines
especially centerlines
2-d fillets
for a rectangle, or for consecutive selected lines
2-d chamfers
based on rectangles, polygons, polylines, or adjacent selected lines
mirror around centerline
using centerline construction geometry
rectangular array
automate creation of equally spread points
polar array
create equally spaced copies of a feature around a circle perhaps based on a construction circle?
midpoint selection
select midpoints of lines, arcs
face center
explicit selection of face center
manipulate spline control points
so that the shape of a spline can be more accurately controlled
feature snap
project geometry in the rest of the part into the work plane, so that they can be selected and used as references for other features.
polyline edges
allow polyline to be combined with other edges/curves
create text
ideally, in various fonts.

3-d operations

rotation/transform that return a copy
The current rotateAboutCenter and translate method modify the object, rather than returning a copy
primitive creation
Need primitive creation for:
  • cone
  • sphere
  • cylinder
  • torus
  • wedge
extrude/cut up to surface
allow a cut or extrude to terminate at another surface ,rather than either through all or a fixed distance
extrude along a path
rather than just normal to the plane. This would include
create a feature between two or more wire sections
revolve a wire around an axis to create a solid
STEP import
allow embedding and importing step solids created in other tools, which can then be further manipulated parametrically
very difficult to do otherwise
primitive boolean operations
  • intersect
  • union
  • subtract


Wire Discretization
Sample wires at point interval to improve closet wire computations

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